Doheny Estate

The Doheny Estates neighborhood is located just to the north of Sunset Boulevard. As a neighbor of Beverly Hills, Doheny Estates is a popular destination for members of the show business community and its tributaries. The climate of southern California is a large draw for many relocating from cooler climates, though residents of the region have their own preferences in terms of moving up. Doheny Estates is in the upper ranks of Hollywood neighborhoods in terms of prestige, property value and accessibility to recreation and entertainment. Properties in Doheny Estates are priced to reflect the financial demographic of its residents, but turn over with regularity as residents relocate due to business or family needs.

Sunset Boulevard and its surrounding neighborhoods are widely considered home to some of the finest nightlife in southern California. There is an abundance of dining, night clubs and retail spaces for residents of this exclusive enclave. Aside from the trendy spots so commonly frequented by visitors and Hollywood’s elite, Doheny Estates offers easy access to art galleries, cultural venues, theaters and outdoor spaces. The schools in and around Beverly Hills are strong draws to commuters from Los Angeles looking for residence in Doheny Estates for their families. Doheny Estates is a much more secluded, secure environment than the bustling city and subdivisions in the immediate vicinity of the show business district and Hollywood.

Architecture in Doheny Estates ranges from classic, gated estates to modern examples of southern California design. Many of the streets winding through Doheny Estates have houses away from the gates sitting on well-manicured lawns. The lush, green spaces of the elite neighborhoods surrounding Beverly Hills and Hollywood are well-maintained and provide a nice contrast from the cityscapes prevalent throughout Los Angeles. Doheny Estates prides itself on green spaces and landscape architecture as foundations to display its magnificent homes. Some of southern California’s most noteworthy retail spaces are within a short distance of Doheny Estates, providing opportunities for shopping and personal services without the inconvenience of a long drive through Los Angeles traffic.

There are several real estate agents and agencies specializing in the properties of Doheny Estates and Beverly Hills. Due to the exclusivity of the neighborhood, many listings for Doheny Estates are not noted in common real estate publications. The best practice, when attempting to land a property in Doheny Estates, is to hire a real estate agent or agency specializing in the area for easy access to the properties. Doheny Estates is generally considered premium real estate, even among the elite neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Montpelier Vermont real Estate All About the Property at 55 Dyer Ave.

Could there be something much better-than having a parcel of property that will offer your family security and them feel closer to nature? The land that it is located on is 17.8 acres wide creating the house at 55 Dyer Ave. invaluable for home owners. It includes you some wonderful vistas of the woodlands along with a serene meadow along with two ponds which are teaming with trout and bass along with an extensive backyard that outlines the exterior are a significant sight. It experienced a major overhaul back in 2003 and is one the best properties in Montpelier.

The Interior of the Home

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, this home has lots of living space inside and it measures 4,200 sq. ft. to be precise. Your kitchen is excellent and is packed with features such as a sub-zero fridge, an oven on the wall, and a couple microwaves. Other characteristics you will see in the kitchen are two dishwashers and two or three disposals.

In addition, you receive a really big family room using a fireplace that may keep you warm whenever the temperature begins to drop. Should you’re feeling like being alone and only want to relax, then you certainly can go check out the den. Should you choose to feel like visiting the den, then you’ll be thrilled to see its wonderful entertainment center.

The primary level has three bedrooms and one of those bedrooms occurs to your private suite that will cause you to feel as you’re residing in a luxury hotel. Downstairs is a huge game room where you can simply forget about your issues to get a while and love some games with your family and friends. Other areas to examine downstairs are the 4th bedroom as well as just one partial bath. There’s even a jacuzzi in the back deck of the house, too.

Let’s Go to the Outside

At 17.8 acres, the outside is fairly huge and provides some pretty panoramic views of Montpelier. If you’re feeling like pursuing some fish, then you can always try to catch some trout or bass in both ponds near to the residence. You can even visit the gardens and relax just a little bit while basking in the pleasant view of the woodlands.

There is, in addition, a recently constructed barn situated just outside your home that you could use like a garage to accommodate up to four vehicles or as a personal workspace or hobby space. This house is really one of a kind and at $849,000, is readily on of the top ones available in the Montpelier Vermont real estate market. Don’t jump with this home.Montpelier real estate

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