My Daughter Picked out Our Apartment

I have worked hard all my life, and it finally paid off earlier this year. My boss told me that the job I had been working toward for well over a dozen years was mine for the taking. I knew that it was going to happen one day, but I was still over the moon about it. When I told my daughter about it, she was just as happy. She asked me if that meant she could start looking at Nashville luxury apartments so we could move there as soon as possible.

Since that is where my new job took us, the sooner we had a new apartment there, the better. I did not even consider looking at a house, because that is just not who I am. I work long hours, and my daughter is very supportive of me. I don’t want to put everything else on her, so a nice apartment is the compromise. Otherwise, she would be responsible for taking care of the lawn, the trash, and other things that just get taken care of at luxury apartment complexes. I gave her the go ahead since she has better taste than me in areas like this, and she found us a really nice apartment.

I suspect that she likes it because of the swimming pool, the fitness center, the movie screening room, and all the other features that means she will get to hang out with other members of the community. I like it because the rooms are large, we both have a large walk in closet, and we each have our own bathroom too. It helps that we also have a nice patio, and that it is almost one third bigger than the last apartment we had. Like I said, she has better taste, and she picked out a great apartment for us.