“For my own label, I’m trying to concentrate on being modern

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“She puts on a great show that she is a socialite, and came to our house in tears saying she was broke because a real estate deal was delayed,” the newspaper quoted Homayouni as saying. “I asked my broker from Smith Barney to sell securities because I didn’t have that much in my checking account. She asked for it to be wired and said she would repay it in two weeks.

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Your sales person is a certified shoe fitter. He can advise you if you have a problem finding a shoe that is comfortable. The Faonnable cashmere crew neck ($265) is so soft and luxurious and available in an assortment of colors. The designer emphasises the importance of blending a sense of history with the search for something new. “At Prada, I always looked back to the Thirties, Forties and Fifties,” he said after his collection was shown to a packed showroom. “For my own label Cheap Prada1, I’m trying to concentrate on being modern.

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