Merkel spoke with Prime Minister Charles Michel and promised

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cheap celine bags He assumed it was a training exercise.He says “seconds later, a much more heavy, heavy detonation happened, some more distance (away) but much more heavy. This was the moment I realized this was a terrorist act.”He says few people appeared worried after the first bomb went off but the second did spark panic and crying amid billows of “dirty dust, like from concrete.”He says “it took a very, very long time till the ambulances came” maybe 30 minutes.German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged Belgium’s prime minister her country’s “full solidarity” following the Brussels attacks and says her Cabinet will discuss the bombings on Wednesday.Merkel spoke with Prime Minister Charles Michel and promised that “we will work in every way with his government and the Belgian security forces to find those responsible for today’s crimes, detain and punish them.”Merkel says “our strength lies in our unity, and our free societies will prove to be stronger than terrorism.”German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said security measures were increased at “critical infrastructure” in Germany and along its borders with France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty and bridges, tunnels and the bus terminal. cheap celine bags

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