Know the Low-Cost Housing Program More

As the low-cost housing program has already implemented, both quite successfully and effectively, the government ready to support the construction and building the low-cost housing unit by allocate 5.1 trillion IDR. Of course, House Financing Liquidity Facility Program, or the Program Fasilitas Likuiditas Pembiayaan Perumahan (FLPP) works relatively close with several cooperate banks and property developers, as well, to prepare around 75,000 ready-to-occupy housing units. In addition, ever since more banks and property developers are attempting to realize the program, as well the cheap housing alternatives from Perumnas program, the time when each family has their own dream-house will arrive soon.

However, if you are one of the communities who has wrong perception about the program’s implementation, ensure to read more trusted sources or join the socialization. Actually, this is not a home-sharing event which happen between the government and community where you are free to achieve any housing units which meet your expectation. Instead, you need to require several specific procedures just like the usual mortgage program you have known. Of course, the government still offers subsidized KPR as private dwelling so they can still concern more to their welfare, while for the non-low-income-community, the mechanism is according to the bank and property developers which take role as mortgage providers.

According to the statement stated by Syarif Burhanuddin, the low-cost housing program aimed for two targets, such as low-income communities aimed for 600,000 housing units, and also 400,000 housing units for non-low-income communities. There are several conditions you need to meet with the requirements, such as the cost of DP, installments, and also the easier process, the mortgage providers still need to survey and prepare other specific requirements. Until now, as mention before, the FLPP has already prepared to construct around 76,000 housing units, and ready to achieve significant number up to 5.1 trillion IDR in 2017.

As there are numerous easiness stuffed into this low-cost housing program, either known as One Million House Program, the government aimed to bring more probability to the low-income community to get their own private house. If you are joining into this program, you will get a 1 to 10% down payment for each home, and for the low-incomer who really need, the government has provided 4 million IDR as assistance budget. Other than that, to make more possibilities, the government with banks and developers also offers inexpensive shelters with only 800,000 IDR as monthly payment you have to pay for 15 years.