Penser que les lois concernant la vente et l’utilisation du cannabis sont respect c’est faire preuve d’une grande na ou d’un aveuglement volontaire. Tous ceux qui veulent fumer le font d Le pot est d dans les cours d’ dans les partys, dans la vie de tout un chacun. Moins de tomber sur un policier vraiment z ou de le faire expr vous pouvez en consommer, cultiver et m vendre sans vous faire de soucis..

Your business card should have all the information on it that you would want on a billboard or ad. Your name, location, contact information, and why you are different. Maps, coupons, bullet points, or hours of operation are good ideas for the back of the card.

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Leading proponents of paper based diagnostics include the UW’s Paul Yager, a professor of bioengineering who leads the Microfluidics 2.0 initiative, and George Whitesides, a chemistry professor at Harvard University. Ratner’s group is working with a graduate student in Yager’s lab to use the paper to cheap jerseys print patterns of switchable networks. The study was funded by the Washington Research Foundation and the UW’s Royalty Research Fund..

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