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Don’t miss the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on your harbor walk. It has historical displays about Nova Scotia and explains the seafaring history of the area. Look at the relics of the Titanic. Our political system has been negligent in helping millions of Americans adapt during a period of rapid economic change. But those on the left and right who promise to reverse the process of globalization are economic charlatans. Their main policy response tariffs and other forms of protectionism is a proven path to trade wars and global recession, which hurt the vulnerable most.

The high participation rate of Jews in the retail industry in Waterville may explain how the Jewish community in town was able to sidestep the brunt of the Great Depression. But even within the retail industry in Waterville, businesses owned by Jews were more likely to weather the economic downturn than those owned by members of other ethnic groups. The following graph plots the survival rate of businesses listed in the 1929 city directory..

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The building was home to several Waters family businesses and a bustling center of activity for several decades, then went on to house Kimbrell’s department store for many years. But as shopping and entertainment moved away from the downtown area, the building faded with it. And in recent years, Meserve and her family had all but given up hope for any real future for the building.